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Video Editing

With videos becoming integral for marketing, launching successful video content that generate strong results in terms of online views, clicks, and TV viewership is where the challenge lies. For this purpose, video production houses need talented editors to add life to their videos and that requires partnering with people who think alike. Video editing is a smooth process, in which we edit the unwanted portions from a randomly shot video footage, juxtapose useful shots so as to bring out a definite meaning, make the video polished by arranging the shots obtained from randomly shot footage into a meaningful sequence, and then embellish the video with background music and effects.

How we work?

Our editors work on the newest software and every assignment is allocated to a chief editor who ensures the right quality and creativity is maintained. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and our dedicated video editors are known for an excellent level of service and strong creativity in every project undertaken. We have High-quality Video Editing Services, Customized Pricing, State-of-the-art Infrastructure, Quick Turnaround Time , Exceptional Data Security.

Outsource Solution's Video Editing

Basic Editing

We take time to understand your precise video footage editing requirements, and the intended output, and based on that we offer our basic video editing services. These include removing unwanted portions to make the video crisper and to the point, rearranging footages to improve its impact on the viewers, properly sequencing clips to achieve set objectives, standardizing and converting into other formats for size and streaming compatibility, and much more.

Effects and Enrichments

We spruce up your videos with apt effects and enrichment features including sub-titling to make your videos reach out to a wider audience section, add sound effects to make it more impactful and dramatic, add voice-over to cut across language barriers, selective and general noise reduction to create more cleaner videos, add animations, use 2D and 3D effects to get more realistic and impactful online videos faster in the real-time without any physical interactions.

Recovery and Enhancements

We use the most advanced software and data recovery techniques to ensure that the exclusive video footage on your VHS or any other legacy device is retrieved in the best possible manner. This, coupled with our video enhancement service, ensures that you get what you need, with much more clarity and effect. We also work on the colors, contrast, and audio recovery to further enhance and digitize the videos.


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