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data-driven automated world, data processing becomes imperative to bring in accurate information systems into your organization. With more than 18 years' experience in data processing and management, the data management professionals at Outsource Solutions (Outsource Solutions) can handle large volumes of data processing work without compromising on quality. We work with many input formats including, printed material, photo scans, excel tables or other MS office formats.

How we work?

The data processing cycle and service is custom defined to help your data meet its specific objectives. Outsource Solutions provides the above mentioned processes as standalone services also. As part of this cycle, we provide data extraction and data warehousing services to enhance quality of available data.

Outsource Solution's Data Procesing Services

Form Processing Service

Forms Processing service follows strict procedures that will ensure clients of our operational efficiency. First, we analyze your organization's means of collecting data and suggest a forms processing procedure. Once we complete our analysis, the suggested procedure is implemented using one of two methods detailed below. Finally, we make any necessary changes to your form interface and database collection procedures.

Mailing List Compilation Service

The mailing list is a key component in any direct marketing campaign. Often, marketers spend a lot of time and money in the production of the mailer itself. But if they don't target the right market, the marketing effort is a waste even if they have a great product. it is important to mention that we can compile mailing lists from different sources – printed directories, data collected from the internet, electronic documents, and by cleaning raw data.

Image Processing Service

Outsource Solutions provides document image processing services that suit the needs of diverse clients. By outsourcing your requirements to us, you get access to capabilities that you may not have in-house. The synergy created by expert designers and animators working with sophisticated software ensures that the final output is of a superior quality. it includes: Image editing, enhancement and retouching, Background editing, color creation.

Data Cleansing Service

Outsource Solutions offers efficient data scrubbing services to ensure that your databases are foolproof by maintaining and updating records of your customers, partners, competition or any other information that your business has stored in the database. Our data cleansing service includes converting cases where required.Fortunately there are ways to avoid this from happening; data cleansing services provides the answer for anomalies found in data and databases.

Insurance Claims Service

Insurance Claims Processing services can save your company a lot of time, money, and paperwork. Outsourcing time-consuming and laborious duties like claims processing has become increasingly popular among insurance providers as a way to bring down administrative costs and increase efficiency.Insurance Claims Processing service offers customized platforms, including specially designed processes and resources, for the unique needs of each client.

Order Processing Service

Inability to complete order processing on time leads to unsatisfied customers and bad business reputation. Complex supply chains, high volumes of data processing, inability to integrate with existing systems and lack of understanding to support their business needs, leads to complete mishandling and marred customer satisfaction.We have the ability to tackle variety of orders within short deadlines and complete them successfully according specifications.

Market Research

If you have crucial market research data regarding your customers, competition, your market or your business, it becomes equally important to process this data into insightful information.Market research forms processing involves a process wherein data collected from market research is converted into a digital or an electronic format. This data is then stored across multiple locations and databases and subjected to further analysis in the market research process.

Check Processing Service

Processing checks from various business transactions is a tedious assignment for any organization. With highly qualified resources, scaled infrastructure and the necessary processes in place, you can bet on India to take up your check processing and other requirements with ease and deliver it beyond your expectations.We have a concentric team of trained and qualified personnel who will work with you in your check processing requirements.

Data Abstraction

data abstraction is all about encapsulating large and incomprehensible data chunks into concise data segments that can be fit into minimum space. However, we don't compromise on information quality while adhering to size metrics, and try to present the maximum amount of relevant information within minimum space required. Typically, Outsource Solutions's data abstraction format comprises four segments: Introduction, Key points, Conclusion and Discussion.

Credit Card Processing Service

Outsource Solutions provides clients with timely, accurate credit card processing results from overseas, relieving your in-house team of the burden, and cutting costs in the process. We utilize cutting edge technology and a highly trained staff of credit card processing specialists to go above and beyond our clients' expectations. We focus on proactively addressing your needs, always putting you first.


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