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Live chat support helps companies interact with their customers by proactively inviting them to an online chat to provide support regarding their products or services in real-time. Chat support provides companies with an effective two-way communication system that can be utilized as an interactive customer support tool, as well as an effective marketing aid that converts browsers into buyers by providing them with sales and marketing support.
Additionally, in comparison with live phone support, which requires heavy initial investment and high operating expenses, live chat support is available at a cost-effective and affordable price structure. We also specialize in providing the best-in-class video chat customer services at cost-effective prices.

How we work?

We provide a wide range of live chat support outsourcing services pertaining to various business functions. Through our services, businesses can leverage various avenues of communication including live chat support, to be constantly in touch with the pulse of customers.
We provide technical and non-technical live chat support for clients from various industry verticals such as retail, software, broadcasting, real estate, healthcare, food and beverage, education, web design etc.
We provide customized and reasonable packages based on the number of operators you may require for your services (Pay per hour, Pay per chat, Pay per month). You can achieve cost reductions in the range of 45-50 % by outsourcing live chat requirements to us.

Outsource Solution's Chat Support Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Chat Support Services to Outsource Solutions

Outsourcing live chat customer service and technical support allows companies to focus on their core business tasks and functions. You can take advantage of the expertise, knowledge, and support we offer, to drive your customer support to higher levels.

Using outsourced live chat support services leads to increase in visitor numbers, which will lead to increased number of prospects. Leads to improved delivery of customer service and customer experience.

We take care of the whole process of live chat experience, starting from installation of the chat software, upgrades, and maintenance of online chat support to selection and training of appropriate dedicated and skilled personnel.

Our experienced and talented customer service staff will not only assist customers on their queries, but will also cross-sell and up-sell products and services, where required.


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