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Today, animation is not only restricted to a specific skill set or industry, it is being used as a medium for creative expression, communication, and consumer interaction in diverse fields. As a result, the art of animation is now being used to propagate ideas and channelize interaction across different sectors such as Medical, Mechanical, Film and TV, Forensics, Marketing, etc.

How we work?

it is still important that you understand the basic foundations of visual art. This includes drawing. This artistic background will benefit you in the design process and in staging shots for animation.

Outsource Solution's Animation Services

2D Animation Services

2D animation is an efficacious style of animation that is getting extremely popular with businesses, owing to its versatility, vast reach, and cost effectiveness. From cartoon animations to corporate 2D animations, organizations are keen to tap into this eye-catching method of communication and marketing.

3D Animation Services

The unique capability of 3D animation is that it gives you absolute creative command. It lets you craft anything, and showcase it in countless number of ways so that you can put it up anywhere you wish. Logo animations, 3D character animations, and 3D cartoon animations are our niche, but if you can imagine any other sort of animation, we can create it and put it up on HD TVs, mobile phones, websites, presentations, or any other media.

Flash Animation Services

Flash animations have been notorious for making websites slow and taking forever to load, but our diligent Adobe Flash animators have years of experience that empower them to create a high impact, low bandwidth visual presentations for your audience.Long texts and conversations can make any presentation seem a little passive.

Animatics Services

At outsource solutions, our Animatic & Previsualization Services have been extensively used by our clients to preview scenes of live-action films as well as advertisements during the pre-production stage. We have been able to solidify our position as an industry leader by creating effective visuals for Hollywood productions, Advertising agencies, Event management companies, video game publishers etc.


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