Finance & Accounting

Accounting Services

Ehowindia offers a wide range of accounting services to ensure that you have tax-ready financial statements when you need them the most. In today's challenging business environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their accounting services requirements to expert vendors. Ehowindia believes in understanding customers' exact needs and developing a customized solution that best suits their diverse business needs. We cater to the accounting needs of global clients by offering a comprehensive range of services.

How we work?

We analyse customer's requirement and design a solution for optimum results. The methodology will be discussed with the customer and defined. The team will be trained on the process and deals to offer high quality accounting service. The team will be monitored by Quality analyst and Managers to ensure service levels are achieved consistently.

Outsource Solution's Accounting Services

Financial Write-up Services

Write-up services are the entry and maintenance of all accounting transactional information. Ehowindia's value-added write-up services offer complex financial analysis, defining account structures and provides overall financial guidance that help our clients in data driven decision making.

Financial Analysis Services

Outsourcing financial analysis services gives management access to faster and more accurate interpretation of financial data. The success of India’s outsourcing firms has ensured that more than 80 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies are offshoring or evaluating the outsourcing of their non-strategic processes now. Read our Finance and Accounting Case Studies.

Cash Flow Management Services

Every company needs to effectively manage their cash flow. Ehowindia offers cash flow accounting services to diverse customers. We offer customized services that suit the exact needs of each customer. Our comprehensive cash flow management solutions

Accounts Reconciliation Services

Account reconciliation, defined as the act of confirming whether the actual account balance matches the corresponding bank statement, is crucial to the financial health of large corporations and organizations. Depending on their size, establishments often require different account reconciliation services.

Customer Order Processing Services

Customer order processing is a business-critical function that cannot be ignored for any type of enterprise, be it large/ small or B2B/ B2C. Outsourcing your order processing process to an experienced service provider like Ehowindia can help you drastically as level of efficiency and an increase in your overall customer satisfaction level.

Invoice/Order Processing Services

Invoice processing has traditionally been a manually intensive procedure, and can significantly impact a businesses' bottom line unless kept in check. Companies spend thousands of dollars every year just to address processing defects, responding to vendor queries, and matching purchases to orders.


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